Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 Episode 17

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Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 Episode 17

When Nagi wishes an alien on her mother's star,Nagi's wish become real Nagi helps the alien to find the spaceship, Hinagiku is relaxing on a onsen she decides to find and tell Ayumu Nishizawa the truth about that Hinagiku is fallen in love with Hayate,then suddenly she passed out, Nagi and the alien found the spaceship and finds Hayate going to Isumi then Nagi and the alien follows Hayate, Hayate agreed to Isumi's great-grandmother he will give blood to Isumi to regain her powers but Isumi rejects the help of Hayate the great-grandmother of Isumi hits him with a morning star which cause him to bleed,soon after Nagi and Hayate had a fight suddenly Nagi accidentally gets on the spaceship that she will never come back,Isumi kisses hayate on the cheek and regains her powers back and sends him in the outer space to save Nagi,after that the alien comes to the spaceship and takes Hayate and Nagi home,Hayate dreams about Nagi's mother Yukariko Sanzenin to protect Nagi,the reason they came to shimoda is to celebrate the death anniversary of her mother and soon after Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother.

Episode Title: Under the Cherry Tree

Quality: HD

Duration: 25 min

Release: 2007

Episode: 42/49

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